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Seikatsu Red Bonsai soil-Our own Bonsai soil professionally mixed & graded 50 Lt


Seikatsu Red Bonsai soil - Our own Bonsai soil professionally mixed and graded - 50 Litres This is Seikatsu (meaning life) bonsai soil developed over 30 years in Bonsai but now we can offer our soil professionally graded and mixed . Seikatsu Red is formulated for trees requiring a lower (or acid) Ph level such as Junipers Acers and Azaleas for example. Our soil contains aggregates and bark chipping along with proprietary mix and is ideal for most Bonsai indoor and outdoor allowing for root development and healthy growth whilst retaining its open and free draining nature. As a guide 2 Litres will be sufficient to fill a standard shape bonsai pot of around 10 Inches. If you need any advice prior to purchasing please do contact me and I will do my best to give you the best information. We offer gift vouchers for product and for workshops for an extra special gift - please see other listings for these items. Workshops are discounted if ordered at the same time as trees !!!

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