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Ficus Giseng Bonsai in a Stone Pot with Buddha Embossed Detail

Ficus Ginseng The name Ficus is Latin for fig and this particular house plant is a combination of a fig and a Chinese rootstock. The Ficus naturally hails from China and Malaysia. The name 'Ginseng' is Chinese for 'root' and it takes many years to develop the unique shape of this root. Following a pleasing growth, a small-leaf Ficus is then grafted on to the rootstock. The Ficus Ginseng bonsai is then pruned over many months and even years, during which time the unusual shape gradually develops. The pleasing form with its swollen, twisted roots is said to be a positive Feng Shui symbol as it promotes good energy within a home. Also a good plant for filtering the air and improving the indoor environment. The pot is 19cm long with the total height being approximately 35cm.

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